“The green strip of Frankfurt"


Cities are often divided by large streets that disrupt the flow of the city.
This project is placed in Frankfurt on the Eschesheimer Landstraße- a place where the city is divided by a heavy traffic and tram lines. The aim of this project is to melt the city together again. The tram lines and the parking areas are placed underground now. This allows free space for pedestrians on the Green Strip. The Green Strip is a long construction that follows the street and in certain parts changes its course from one side of the street to the other. It is mainly covered with grass, plants and small trees enabling the positive green effect to the people and functioning as a green lung for the city. The construction embodies different functions: it is a continuation of the existing park into a type of Vertical Park. Using the dynamic shape of the construction it will allow places for sports in the building (like skate-parks and fitness areas). The construction is always changing its height and responding to the existing urban system. In the higher waves there is a space for living areas, offices and small shops. The main goal of the Green strip is connecting the city and becoming a place where people meet and live.